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California Cotton Production Information
California Cotton Production Information
California Cotton Production Information
University of California
California Cotton Production Information

Production Guidelines



Crop Rotation and Variety Selection
     Verticilium Wilt       


     Seed Treatment

     Cotton Planting Forecast


     Replant Calculator

     Accuracy of Cotton Planting Forecasts

Early Season

     Fusarium Wilt

Mid Season

     California Cotton Manager


Late Season

    Heat Unit Averages and Time to Mature Bolls

Scheduling Final Irrigation

Insect Control

      A Field Key to the Most Common Lygus Species Found in Agronomic Crops

    Key Features of Common Lygus Species in the Central SJV

    Common Whiteflies in San Joaquin Valley Cotton

    Silverleaf Whitefly Sampling Procedure
    UC IPM Pest Management Guidelines: Cotton

    Miticide Mode of Action Table

Insecticide Resistance and Management and Quality Cotton


Weed Control

     2,4-D Injury

     Synthetic Auxin Herbicide Injury


     Harvest Aid Guidelines, 2010

     Pima Harvest Aid Guidelines, 2006





 Additional Publications Available for Purchase
ANR Communication Services Publications

     Cotton Potassium Fertility Guidelines for the San Joaquin Valley of California
     Cotton Prodcution Manual
     Growth and Development of Acala Cotton
     Insecidicide and Miticide Resistance Management in SJV Cotton for 2001
     Integrated Pest Management for Cotton

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